Are you sick of Marketing Free Discovery Calls?

It's Depressing and Degrading, feels like you are begging for business, particularly when you've given it your all and most don't even sign up with you as a client.

Never have to resort to begging for business by offering discovery/clarity calls to random people ever again!

Convert! For Coaches is a step by step program for coaches to price, package, position and overcome buyer resistance while attracting the clients you truly want!

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Do you want to know...

  • What to say when you get that enquiry that will have the caller clamouring to work with you?
  • How to charge what you feel is right for both the client and you .... and get it?
  • How to eliminate self-doubt?
  • How to define and reveal your value?
  • How to transform and design your services into lucrative packages?
  • How to attracting clients with compelling guarantees?
  • How to make it easy for your potential client to say 'Yes!"?
  • How to stop sabotaging your credibilty by discounting, under charging or give away your valuable services and time?
  • How to position yourself as an expert ?

Real people who are Converting!

Here are 5 reasons why Convert! For Coaches is the best thing ever for You!

  • You're Getting Enquiries, But they Choose Another Coach!

    You’re sick of getting enquiries, but never having them choose you! This will change …. You’ll be able to convince every enquiry of your value and worth to them. They’ll sign with you, not your competition.

  • Get Paid What You Know is Right for Both You and the Client

    As a coach you want to be paid what you’re worth. You want to stop under selling yourself by giving away free sessions in an attempt to sign clients.

  • Giving Away Free Coaching Sessions Doesn't Work!

    It’s a simple fact that giving away free coaching sessions as you’ve been told to do, will rarely give you paying clients. Why would they want to pay for you, when you solve their problem for nothing?!

  • Hard Selling Feels Wrong To You

    Hard selling appalls you as it’s not your style. That’s why you felt better by doing the Free Discovery Sessions hoping that potential clients once they have a session with your brilliance, will want more. It doesn’t happen that way! As you are discovering. That’s why you’re feeling so bad about your coaching business. You can’t get clients even if you give away sessions.

  • You already have the skills - you just dont know it!

    The real answer to turning enquiries into bona fide paying clients is by using your natural coaching skills – and you wont have to Hard Sell to do it!

Learn from Coach Mentor and Profile Builder, Vanessa Talbot

Turn your coaching business into gold, that's what I do.

I’m a business and Profile Building Alchemist for big vision coaches such as you.

I mentor coaches on developing their skills and becoming outstanding coaches.

My special talent is in helping you to be Seen and Heard by boosting your profile and increasing your influence, resulting in the magnetic attraction for more leads, more clients and more opportunities! With my signature program Step into the Spotlight I guide coaches and experts to ignite their brilliance, and become a luminous figure enabling success with their mission to help others and have a big impact in the world.

Simply put, I help you to get known and get clients — so that you ATTRACT rather than have to chase. That makes your business far more pleasurable and your life a whole lot more fun!!!

Real success stories, from real people!

Here's what is included in this simple system!

The 7 part audio series and accompanying worksheets, Convert! For Coaches will give you the 10  simple yet highly effective steps for turning those enquiries you receive into actual PAYING Clients. And it's not ONLY what you say to them. There is SO MUCH MORE ...

  • Module 1 - Step 1: Be a Money Magnet & Step 2: Value Your Time so Others Value You

    Discover how to ATTRACT money rather than pursue it. Learn the most efficient ways to spend your time and how you MUST stop undervaluing your time and your skill level!

  • Module 2 - Step 3: Market, Niche and Your Elevator Speech

    Understand what to offer so that you can create a demand for your services. And when you know what irresistible and investable services to offer, I’ll show you how to talk about what you do so there is no convincing required.

  • Module 3 - Step 4: Eliminating Self-Doubt

    Discover your VALUE and IMPACT  to your clients and eliminate “I’m not good enough” forever!

  • Module 4 - Step 5: Design Your Packages & Step 6: Bonuses and Incentives to Entice

    You can spend your life selling one session at a time, hoping at the end of each one that they’ll book for another. OR you can make it easy for your prospects to commit to you by offering attractive coaching packages. AND you’ll add some enticing bonuses to make it easy for your prospects to say “Yes!” to You.

  • Module 5 - Step 7: Offering a Compelling Guarantee & Step 8: How to Price Your Packages

    A guarantee is an important safety net for your potential clients. You’ll create a guarantee that has the energy of confidence, not of fear or limitation. Pricing packages is where many coaches get stuck. You’ll learn how to price yours with conviction.

  • Module 6 - Step 9: How Testimonials can Help You Get What You’re Worth & Step 10: Core Client Attraction Strategies

    The purpose of a testimonial is to create social proof and credibility. Learn how to collect testimonials that Convert! I”ll also reveal the best ways to find potential clients and how to use all the skills you’ve been learning for turning prospects into paying clients!!!!!

  • BONUS "How to Turn Prospects into Paying Clients"

    BONUS audio “How to Turn Prospects into Paying Clients” shows you what to say  and do when you first get that enquiry from a prospect.

    BONUS TWO – Included the Script you can use to turn those Prospects into Paying Clients.

From Desperate to Desirable

Turn your Coaching Business Around


ONLY $78

100% Risk FREE - you have nothing to lose!

Risk Free Guarantee

If you don’t find value in Convert! For Coaches, let me know within 7 days from purchase and it’s Full Money Back! And you get to keep my product.

Vanessa Talbot, Extraordinary Beings Success Creation

Im 100% confident that you are going to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If  for any reason you’re not happy, I stand by my full 7 day money back guarantee.

Get converting today - here is what you get:

  • Six modules on establishing your coaching market and message that will have you ATTRACTING clients!
  • Six Downloadable Audios
  • Introductory video from Vanessa T that will lead you through your Convert! program
  • The Confidence and Self Belief that will Magnetically attract new Leads and Clients
  • Accompanying Worksheets for each Audio
  • Extra Resources in each module to help you with your Coaching Business

PLUS - these amazing bonuses:

  • 'How To Turn Prospects into Paying Clients' - The powerful BONUS audio that will have you ditching degrading FREE Discovery Calls and revitalising your coaching business!
  • The script that will have enquiring potential clients desperate to sign with you
Only $78 for a limited time
(Value $347)

             You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee